Blue Tones in Place Vendôme

  Now that Spring is finally here I love to wear just a blouse with jeans - goodbye to heavy jackets!  I’m always drawn to a silk version.  In Spring it’s perfect weather to wear this wonderful fabric - thin enough not to be too warm and the long sleeves are great if you want [...]

Musée Bourdelle

I recently went to Musée Bourdelle. It’s a hidden gem tucked away in a quiet street in the 15th arrondissement. The museum is a secret oasis in the middle of Paris, the sense of calm, serenity and quiet makes you feel as though you aren’t in the city. It has a wonderful series of rooms [...]

The Belted Blazer

This is one of my favourite style takes - pairing a blazer and a belt. The blazer is such a key item in any wardrobe and adding a belt really helps to create a tailored look. If you have an oversized blazer, cinch it in with a belt for a more defined silhouette. Depending on [...]