This time in isolation is the perfect time to open a good book, I managed to finish read a few that were on my list. While it’s nice to not be staring at a screen, you can also find them on Kindle, Scribd or Apple Books. There’s no better time to read the books that having been gaining dust on your shelves. So here are a few recommendations that I have loved reading:

The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck : for me I found this book really useful in terms of perspective, it definitely gives you a different take on how to look at life. I learnt from the book that sometimes risking your present comfort will help you have a happier future.

The Penguin Lessons by Tom Mitchell: this book I read quite a while ago but I can always read it over and over again. It’s a very gentle and lighthearted book, based on a true story about a teacher who adopts a penguin in Peru. For me the book was a lighthearted distraction.

All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr, is the moving story of a blind Parisian girl and a German soldier whose paths cross in the Brittany town of St Malo. It is actually a town I often used to visit on holiday when I was younger.

L’Étranger by Albert Camus is about the life and death of the protagonist Meursault who refuses to conform to society’s norms. Just to let you know this book is in French, it is one of the first French books I ever read. The way it’s written is very simple but powerful. The English version is called ‘The Outsider’.

Two books.3

The Man who was Magic, by Paul Gallico, is the touching story of Adam, whose strange and wonderful magic brings fear and distrust to a town peopled by inferior magicians. (I couldn’t find a link for the online version of this book but I would highly recommend it if you come across it one day).

The Red Notebook, by Antoine Laurain, is about a Parisian bookseller who finds a lost journal and sets himself the task of finding the owner. I found this book easy to read and to get involved with the story line. I first read it in the English translation but I will make a point of reading it again in the original French version.

I hope this reading list sounds interesting to you and has inspired you to pick up a new book whilst you stay at home.

Thanks for reading,