With jackets made from wildflowers, self-cleaning t-shirts made from seaweed and logos made from air pollution, Pangaia’s methods are certainly not conventional. They offer wardrobe essentials that are created with are bio-based, recycled fibres and innovative materials. Because of their outside perspective on the fashion industry, they produce refreshingly thoughtful collections.

Launched in late 2018, Pangaia originally set out to find a way of re-imagining the t-shirt – the most basic of fashion products. This eco conscious brand’s vision is to be an Earth-positive, regenerative business that gives back to the planet more than we take out. Even their name is inspired by the earth: Pan, meaning all-inclusive and Gaia – Mother Earth. A breath of fresh air in creating clothing with a greener future in mind, they use nature as the inspiration for solutions for the future. Pangaia is loungewear with a polished look.

Working for the environment

In the Pangaia lab a team of scientists constantly seeks to find innovative solutions and technologies to make environmentally friendly apparel. Their efforts to pursue green methods of production aren’t just a sideline, they’re its main focus and the heart of the brand.

Pangaia is definitely promoting zero waste and circular fashion. They want their garments to find life after their first use and are always looking for new methods to achieve this. As well as repurposing their garments – where products and materials can be used multiple times beyond their first design – the use of recycled raw materials is another key attribute of the brand.

They’re constantly thinking about the balance between science, technology design and sustainability. Seaweed fibre t-shirts are currently made from 60% saltwater seaweed and 40% organic cotton. Their most recent venture in innovative material is a denim line made from nettle fibre.

Mangrove trees promote diverse habitats, prevent coral bleaching and coastal erosion and store huge amounts of CO2. Between January and October 2020, Pangaia planted over 400,000 mangrove trees in ecologically sensitive areas, creating employment for local villagers to plant a diverse mix of mangrove species, resulting in healthy habitats and ecosystems.

They’re committed to limiting water pollution throughout the supply chain and working on diversifying the types of dyes we use. Products are treated with natural, plant-based peppermint oil, which has antibacterial properties, so you can wear clothes treated with PPRMINT™ many times before they need washing. It takes a lot of water to produce clothes made from cotton. Pangaia’s creative response to this problem has been to develop new fabrics needing little or no water consumption. FRUTFIBER™ is a blend of responsibly sourced bamboo, combined with pineapple leaf and banana leaf fibres, natural materials that are usually considered agricultural waste. PLNTFIBER™ uses fast-growing, natural renewables like nettle, bamboo, seaweed and eucalyptus.

Even their packaging is eco-conscious; it’s compostable in 24 weeks and is created with a part bio-based plastic alternative (TIPA® packaging). They also employ technology that turns air pollution particles into water-based black ink, used to print the logo and text blocks in their latest capsule collection. Their attention to the smallest detail is quite simply second to none.

About the look

Pangaia has a wide range of colours, different shapes and styles of wardrobe essentials. Whether you’re looking for casual, layering, loungewear, active wear, Pangaia should be your first port of call. Each product is super soft! Unlike other brands it’s understated, with no obvious labels. It’s cool, responsible and comfortable all at once.

How to style it

Creating a consciously curated wardrobe with Pangaia, you can easily mix it with a variety of other clothing. Wear a Pangaia hoodie with a blazer or go for a monochrome look with the full Pangaia tracksuit and just add an oversized coat for a casual cool aesthetic. Keep it really casual at home with a t-shirt, perfect for lounging around in. You can also style it up by adding a jumper and a long coat or, like me, wear it with a little blouse or cami for a softer, more dainty vibe.

In a nutshell, Pangaia is a collective of creatives building for a better future. And they’re still on a path for further growth, pioneering fresh ideas and efforts to create organic and innovative clothing.

They are truly a force for change in the fashion industry. Pangaia is bringing the future to your wardrobe.

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