Nafplio is a picturesque town by the sea not far from Athens, in the Peloponnese. In Greek mythology it is named after the son of Poseidon and Amymone. For shopping, there are a couple of streets, ‘Staikopoulou’ and ‘Leof. Vasilisis Amalias’, where there are a number of jewellery shops and other little gift stores, perfect [...]

A short break in the South of France

The South of France has always held happy memories for me, with its more relaxed pace compared to the cities, warm architecture, colourful landscapes, farmers’ markets and small cafés in which to while away the hours. I’ve been going to the South of France since I was a child and while I was there this year [...]

The Summer Shirt

I love the look of wearing a shirt over swimwear – just throwing it over a bikini or swimsuit. Perfect to get through summer whilst tanning without burning. The shirt is something that is loose, light but still sophisticated. And choosing one in a bright colour makes it not too formal. I have always loved [...]