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Situated in the Haut-Marais area is a concept store like no other. It sells a variety of items from contemporary clothing and homeware, to stationery, books and quirky technology. It is Paris’ answer to Anthropologie. It is fantastic for looking for presents or even a gift for yourself! When you enter the building you are greeted by a small friendly red car (the license plate happens to be MERCI). Merci happens to have three cafés including La Cantine, Used Book Café and the Cinéma Café. La Cantine has a small garden at the back and the food is very healthy (all fresh produce). Le Cinéma Café has a very varied menu, perfect for lunches with friends. My favourite is the Used Book Café, its rustic interior with mis-matched furniture, chandeliers and of course the walls are shelved with 10,000 books, all creating a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. The food happens to be very yummy as well – they do an impeccable boiled eggs and soldiers!

I hope this post was useful to anyone! I am going to start doing more of these types of posts hopefully each week.



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